• Timeless Linen full hairband from WAR & DROBE

    100% Linen Oeko-Tex Certified

    Elastic: 65% Organic Cotton 35% Natural Rubber

    Hand Wash Recommended

    WAR & DROBE - Timeless Hairband

    • The Timeless hairband is ideal for sweeping back your hair while adding a chic detail to your outfit. The bow is designed to sit at the side of the head and the pleats give the accessory generous volume. The classic gingham pattern is made from light grey and black tones making it a truly timeless addition to your collection. 

      The linen is made in Europe where there is a strong heritage of spinning and weaving the fabric. Linen is kind to the earth as the soil it’s grown on can be reused and the material itself is biodegradable. It’s Oeko-Tex certified to ensure no harmful chemicals are used in the making process so you can rest assured it’s created without harming the environment. The way this piece is cut means that this is a zero-waste accessory to make.

    • Widest Point: 7cm, Elastic Width: 4cm, Length: 58cm